Marin County School Volunteers enriches student learning by recruiting, training and pairing volunteer tutors with students in Marin public schools.

Marin County School Volunteers

Student-to-Student Tutoring Program

This is an exciting opportunity for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS to tutor younger students in local After School Programs.

Application link here. (Online application form)

The Student-to-Student Program is designed to provide high school tutors for the after-school programs across Marin. The purpose is to provide students with a valuable and rewarding community service opportunities and to help others in the larger community in a meaningful way.



The tutors help in various capacities, but primarily as one-on-one or small group tutors assisting first through fifth grade students with homework and English comprehension. We find that the young students who overcome the very basic hurdles of understanding the material, alphabetization, and basic math comprehension at the onset of their education often find a smoother path to success in their academic future.

The students that participate as tutors feel rewarded to witness the improvements they facilitate first hand. Marin County School Volunteers coordinates and schedules the encounters to maximize the benefit both to the tutors and the programs. By scheduling the volunteers, the program coordinators are able to plan for them, which ensures the tutors feel useful and that the recipient students can fully benefit from their presence.

What do Tutors Do?  
The tutoring is one-on-one or in small groups. Depending on their grade, students have varied amounts of homework. Tutors provide homework support and read to the students or play games when the work is complete.

Are the Tutors Supervised?
The teacher of the after-school programs will supervise the tutoring and offer any needed support. Tutors are encouraged to ask questions and ask for help as needed. Tutors are expected to act as responsible role models while there.

Are Tutors Expected to Handle Discipline Issues?
No. Any discipline issues with younger students should be directed to the teacher in the classroom.

How Often Do Volunteers Tutor?
We ask that tutors commit to once a week for eight weeks (allowing for school breaks) . Students may sign up for MORE time, but we  have grouped the year into three academic sessions, and a student may serve in any or all of these sessions. (All MCSV Student to Student tutors are required to complete an application and attend an orientation prior to beginning their community service.)

Session I   October 10 to December 9       Session II  January 16 to March 17th           Session III  April 3rd to June 2nd 

The program benefits from the consistent presence of volunteers. Both tutors and students alike get the most out of the opportunity to develop relationships with each other.

Application link here. (Online application form)

Marin County School Volunteers
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