Marin County School Volunteers enriches student learning by recruiting, training and pairing volunteer tutors with students in Marin public schools.

Marin County School Volunteers

Student-to-Student Tutoring Program


"According to recent research, students participating in Service Learning programs demonstrated significant gains in five outcome areas: attitudes toward self, attitudes toward school and learning, civic engagement, social skills, and academic performance."  

Celio, Durlak and Dymnicki, 2011 


"Working with the kids at San Pedro is the best part of my week!  I love it!!" SRHS Sophomore

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for high school  students to tutor and mentor younger students in specific After School Programs.  

The relationship between a high school or middle school student and a younger pupil reaps tremendous benefits for both parties. Primarily, the learning of academic skills, the development of social behaviors and classroom discipline, and the enhancement of peer relationships serve both tutor and tutee. Students who become tutors experience an increased sense of pride and community contribution, as well as gaining valuable life experience.

The student volunteers assist in various capacities; primarily as one-on-one or small group tutors assisting first through fifth grade students with homework, reading and English comprehension. Elementary students who overcome the  basic hurdles of early literacy, and fundamental math skills at the onset of their education,  find a smoother path to success in their academic future.

Marin County School Volunteers coordinates, schedules and oversees the student tutors to maximize benefits to all; this ensures that the tutors feel useful and that the recipient students can fully benefit from their presence.

“We value and need the support of our MCSV Student  volunteers.  MCSV brings students and schools TOGETHER for the purpose of forwarding shared goals of empowering children with 21st Century skills that will enable them to be capable stewards of our world.  As an administrator, I am incredibly grateful to MCSV Student to Student Program for working in partnership to increase teaching capacity, help students reach their potential, break stereotypes and end the cycle of poverty.”

Middle School Principal                

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Marin County School Volunteers
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