Marin County School Volunteers enriches student learning by recruiting, training and pairing volunteer tutors with students in Marin public schools.

Marin County School Volunteers


"Lynwood teachers and students are extremely grateful for the wonderful volunteers who come on a daily basis to our school.  The Marin County School Volunteers organization has provided literacy support to our school for years.  These volunteers play an important role in the classroom.  Every day students in grades 1-3 are able to read to an adult volunteer.  The importance of this program, supported by Marin County volunteer participation, means that students who would not typically have the opportunity to read with an adult for  significant periods of time, now are able to do so each day.  Our data indicates that student reading fluency and comprehension is improving as a result of our collaboration with the Marin County School Volunteers.  The volunteers are pros who are trained, patient, encouraging and reliable.  Again, we are thrilled to have them working with us."

Rick Van Adelsberg, Principal Lynwood Elementary

"Marin County School Volunteers has always sent Davidson Middle School only the most supremely prepared and talented tutors to work with our students.  Without exception, when an MCSV "graduate" volunteers at Davidson, they are highly effective because they have been well trained in how to get the most out of our students.  My teachers are clamoring for more volunteers because word is spreading that the ones we have already are doing such great work".

Harriet MacLean, San Rafael City Schools 

"Marin County School Volunteers has been a major source of support for schools struggling to meet the needs of students.  Despite state budget cuts and increased class sizes, our teachers are asked to meet ambitious, moving targets for academic achievement that require a lot of differentiation of instruction for students with a broad range of learning needs. This is where our Marin County School Volunteers really come in handy.  They are well trained in instructional methods, versed in how to engage young children, and motivated by the best intentions.  They become the teacher's right hand, allowing for more rigorous, small group instruction, providing tailored intervention or enrichment, and increasing instructional capacity. I have over eleven years of experience working with Marin County School Volunteers and can tell you that they have been instrumental in helping San Rafael schools achieve their academic aims." 

Juan Rodriguez, Principal Venetia Valley K-8 

"Having Marin County School Volunteers in my classroom has been a wonderful experience for my students and I. They get to work with someone from outside of the school setting who brings with them life experiences, skills and a different point of view to the table. Through the support volunteers provide in my classes I have seen improved student behavior, higher test and grade scores, students attending better in class due to 1:1 support. Currently many of the volunteers working at my school support students in special education and some of our math classes. We even have volunteers supporting students in an after school math tutoring program. If you are reading my statement about our volunteers I would encourage you to sign up and give volunteering in our public schools a try. I believe you will find the experience rewarding." 

Resource Specialist 

"San Rafael City Schools continues to enjoy a successful partnership with the Marin School Volunteers. Hundreds of students at each of our schools have received exceptional support from each Marin School volunteer who works in SRCS. The volunteers provide much more than tutoring. Volunteers build positive and supportive relationships with students that foster student's self-esteem and academic confidence." 

Michael Watenpaugh, Superintendent San Rafael City Schools

Marin County School Volunteers
1111 Las Gallinas Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94903



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